Grief Prison

A Story of Love, Loss, and Healing

My own true story of loss and disappointment inspired me to write this book and share my message of hope and healing

Announcing a spring book release

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I am first time author Gail Norwood and I am pleased to announce the spring release of my book entitled "Escape from Grief Prison". My publishers at Covenant Books are in the final phase and I will soon end a very challenging two plus years of writing and publishing.

My book is my story, and I wrote it for you. My routine but wonderful life stopped when I turned 64 and then suddenly everything changed forever. I suffered a terrible loss and was faced with figuring out how to survive it - or allow my life to become yet another loss. There were tears to be cried, lessons to be learned and healing to be done. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and the hardest thing I’ve ever been called to do.


Somewhere between the vastness of yesterday and each elusive tomorrow, we find ourselves wobbling on the tightrope of today. How we struggle to keep our balance! We glance down for a safety net below and discover our brothers and sisters waiting with open arms to catch us if we fall. And we recognize the Almighty within them who calls our name. Each careful step forward brings us closer to a new beginning. And each lesson learned along the way strengthens us to move ahead, as we keep our eyes peeled to the future, and never look back.

What people are saying

“Here is a book about grief that echoes with authenticity, in part because its author has had intimate experience with devastating loss. Nonetheless, Gail Norwood writes confessionally, compassionately, and convincingly of a pathway through and out of the depths of such grief.”

The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham, Retired Presbyterian pastor.

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